Contacting the Iceland Tourism Board: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

Contacting the Iceland Tourism Board: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip Outdoor Activities

Introduction to Iceland Tourism Board: Who They Are and What Services They Offer

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice due to its spectacular and diverse landscapes. This stunning country is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders, making Iceland a popular destination for both summer and winter tourism.

The main source in Iceland for promoting tourist visits is the Icelandic Tourist Board (ITB). Established in 1966, ITB serves as a national governing body, representing all aspects of tourism promotion throughout the island nation. It also works with several other industries involved in travel, hospitality, and culture to ensure that tourists have an enjoyable experience during their stay.

ITB works hard to guarantee that tourists visiting Iceland have access to reliable information about anything from hotels to sightseeing spots and food spots. The organization owns an extensive website which includes everything from maps for prospective visitors planning their routes during their stay, to accommodation guides and cultural guides featuring unique activities found only in Iceland.

ITB seeks out partnerships with service providers offering affordable transportation services around the country such as buses or ferries; moreover, it has contact points on-ground where travelers landing at Keflavík airport can receive help setting up rental cars or being directed towards attractions they may be interested in visiting while they’re there.

In addition to its role as a facilitator of tourism experiences, ITB acts as an advocate for sustainable tourist practices that consider environmental impact as well economic benefits. Through collaboration with their networkable partners IT , services are offered emphasizing environmentally responsible choices when pursuing outdoor activities on the island such skiing or surfing. Finally, ITB strives to maintain respectful relationships with local residents by hosting forums throughout rural villages where topics related to responsible visitor behavior are discussed and enforced among both tourists and locals alike .

Overall, through its wide range of offerings from pre-travel preparations such giving self-drive itineraries tailored budgets ,to providing detailed cultural background information about destinations experienced once visitors arrive or on during

Exploring How to Contact the Iceland Tourism Board Before Planning Your Trip

The Iceland Tourism Board (ITB) is a government-run organization responsible for promoting and coordinating tourism in Iceland. If you’re planning a trip to the Nordic island nation, it’s important to understand how to contact ITB for information and assistance when your travel plans require it.

For starters, the ITB website has an extensive resource library including brochures and detailed guides that contain everything you need to know about your Icelandic holiday. From travel and accommodation advice, to private tours and cultural tips, these resources can help make informed decisions before embarking on your trip. Plus, they are available in both English and Icelandic languages so everyone can tap into them accordingly.

Additionally, if you want to learn more about specific areas of interest like adventure activities or glacier trekking there are internet resources with up-to-date information related specifically to those interests. Tour operators like Take Me To Iceland can also provide valuable insight into what specific areas have to offer or suggest summertime guided tours available in your area of interest.

However, nothing beats speaking directly with an experienced expert from the ITB staff when international travel guidance is needed. The board is based in Reykjavik but also provides assistance by phone across Europe during regular business hours local time between Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM GMT+2 (38°1’H). You should also feel free to write or email the Board at any time if time zone differences become an issue. In either case staff will be able to answer all of your questions related specifically to ‘latest developments’ regarding coronavirus measures that concern visitors entering the country throughout 2021/2022 season; this includes mandatory testing rules both upon arrival domestically or internationally as well as ones valid when leaving Iceland after vacationing there – if applicable in each case respectively.

No matter where you are coming from or where you plan on going once you step foot onto Icelandic soil – contact ITB first whenever

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan a Dream Vacation with the Help of the Iceland Tourism Board

Planning a dream vacation to Iceland can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time visiting the country. Fortunately, the Iceland Tourism Board has created an easy-to-follow itinerary to help you plan your trip. With the right planning and preparation, you can have a worry-free experience that will leave you with lifelong memories.

Step 1: Decide What You Want Out Of Your Trip – It is important to decide what type of activities and attractions interest you so that you can customize your trip to involve those activities. Also make sure that everyone in your party agrees on the type of vacation they would like before booking any tickets or accommodations.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget – Once you have determined what type of activities and sightseeing opportunities interest you it’s important to set a budget for lodging, transportation, meals and activities that won’t break the bank.

Step 3: Contact The Tourist Board – Working with the tourism board allows them to recommend tailored packages based on your individual needs while eliminating confusion around visa requirements and residence documents needed while traveling in Iceland. They can also provide helpful information about weather conditions, currency exchanges rates, safety regulations, etc… Once your questions are answered by the tourism board begin exploring package deals available through their website or reach out to local advisors who specialize in planning trips abroad within Iceland’s borders.

Step 4: Choose An Airport Closest To Your Destination – Depending on where exactly you’d like go in Iceland while deciding which airport will get be best suited for starting or ending your journey can be tricky due to all options available between air travel within Europe. By contacting the travelers desk at an Icelandic airport (Keflavik) this allows them to inform what flight and route options are best for fitting into both time frames as well as budget restraints when applicable across multiple airlines including flight duration times from/to each destination site considering necessary layovers/changes along with accommodations/hot

FAQs About Contacting the Iceland Tourism Board for Your Trip


The Iceland Tourism Board provides a variety of services to assist travellers in planning their trip. The team can provide recommendations for hotels, restaurants, activities, car rentals and other travel needs. They also have helpful tips on the best places to visit during your trip and insider information about local attractions. Furthermore, the tourism board can provide advice on what time of year is best to visit Iceland and any specific must-see sights that should be included as part of your itinerary. Additionally they are able to answer questions relating to visas, customs regulations and cultural expectations. Lastly, they regularly promote upcoming events or packages making it easier for travellers to save money and get the most out of their Icelandic holiday.

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Working With the Iceland Tourism Board for Your Trip

Working with the Iceland Tourism Board for your trip can be a great way to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. Here are the top five facts you should know about working with them:

1. Star Partners – One of the great things about booking trips through the Iceland Tourism Board is that you get access to their star partners, these are include a long list of certified tour operators and hospitality professionals who have been vetted by the board to ensure they provide excellent experiences. When booking through one of their Star Partners, travelers can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands as they explore all that Iceland has to offer.

2. Expert Knowledge – The team at Iceland Tourism Board offers years’ worth of experience and knowledge to help create custom itineraries tailored to each traveler’s individual needs and wishes. They understand that no two trips will be exactly alike and strive to give everyone unique experiences during their time in Iceland that are filled with lasting memories.

3. Complimentary Services – Not only does working with this board mean getting access to extensive travel options, but it also means complimentary services such as 24 hour check-in assistance and full service customer service representatives available seven days a week. This makes it easy for travelers if anything goes wrong along their journey so they can focus on enjoying their trip instead of worrying or having stressful encounters while abroad.

4. Flexible Pricing – Budgeting for any vacation isn’t always easy, but customers have found that working with this particular tourism board offers financially friendly options during some parts of the year compared to others when there may be peak season rates in effect. On top of flexible pricing plans depending on seasonality or promotional availability, buyers may even be able find package deals or promo codes online at various times throughout each year too – meaning more savings in a shorter amount of time!

5. Tour Guides and Group Tours – For those looking for reality-based exploration instead of tourist traps, this board’

Resources for Researching More About Working With the Iceland Tourism Board

The Iceland Tourism Board is a government-run organization that works to promote tourism in the nation of Iceland. With its vast and varied landscapes, endless opportunities for outdoor activities and days spent exploring natural wonders, there’s no doubt that this Nordic country offers travelers plenty of unique and exciting experiences. However, if you’re considering working with the ITB (Iceland Tourism Board) on anything from running a guided tour or marketing campaign, it’s important to know the fundamentals about the organization before getting started.

If you’re trying to learn more about the ITB, here are several resources you can tap into:

1. The ITB Website: The official website for the Iceland Tourism Board provides lots of valuable knowledge about their mission regarding tourism promotion and helpful guidelines for anyone looking to collaborate with them. Be sure to check out their mission statement as well as their partner program information. Plus they have brochures, research reports and press materials available too.

2. Know Your Icelandic Facts & Figures: Once you have an understanding of what working with the ITB entails, don’t forget to brush up on some facts and figures! This is essential when it comes to creating campaigns or proposing plans that will be successful in attracting international visitors to Iceland. Learn basic stats like population size as well as major attractions/activities/resources offered by each region in the country so you can determine where your efforts should be focused on any given project or assignment related to showcasing Icelandic landscapes and cultures abroad.

3. Peruse Professional Travel Sites & Social Media Platforms: Researching travel websites such as TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet gives great insight into how people view potential destinations—including Iceland—so you can better understand how success might be measured in terms of drawings tourists from overseas markets. Browsing adventure-focused lifestyle blogs also helps you stay apprised of current trends within international backpacking culture & wilderness exploration which could influence which

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