Exploring Sloatsburg Travel Plaza: A Guide for First-Time Visitors

Exploring Sloatsburg Travel Plaza: A Guide for First-Time Visitors Nature Tours

Introduction to Sloatsburg Travel Plaza: What it Is and How to Find It

Sloatsburg Travel Plaza is an excellent place to rest and refuel while travelling. Located at Exit 15A of the New York State Thruway, it is conveniently located for travelers heading North or South on I-87. The Travel Plaza provides a variety of services to meet traveler needs from gas and food from trusted fuel brands; restrooms with new automatic flush valves; a tourist information center with knowledgeable staff; complimentary wifi plus charging stations for multiple devices; seven hours of free parking for any length RV or trailer; coin laundry facilities and well-stocked gift shop.

Located between two major metropolitan areas on one of the busiest roads in America, The Sloatsburg Travel Plaza has been servicing weary drivers since 2016. Inside you can grab a bite to eat at Wendy’s—the only full service restaurant on premises—or get snacks from Subway, Mrs. Fields, Auntie Anne’s and Freshens smoothies & shakes . Get your caffeine fix at Starbucks Coffee which also serves Espresso drinks, Frappuccinos and frappaccino blended beverages. Don’t forget about the gift shop which features souvenirs, apparel and travel essentials for folks on the go.

No matter what direction you’re traveling in the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza offers something for everyone. Rest up in clean restrooms equipped with motion-activated flushing systems or get in some exercise by taking advantage of generous walking paths around the area including breakroom/fitness center available exclusively to convenience store customers 24 hours a day.. And if you need a change of scenery while still staying close by, Indian Rock Nature Preserve is just two miles away! So no matter where your travels take you make sure to stop off at Sloatsburg Travel Plaza so that nothing stands between you and getting to where you want to be!

Story Behind Sloatsburg Travel Plaza – History and Facts

Sloatsburg Travel Plaza is a historic landmark located on Route 17 in Sloatsburg, New York. The plaza, which was built in 1929 and renovated in the late 1990s, has served generations of travelers passing through the area.

Once a favorite stop for tourists in the early-1900s due to its convenient location at the junction of Routes 17 and 17A, Sloatsburg Travel Plaza was originally named Pine Meadow Farmhouse Inn. Established by John Hoggard Smith—the great-grandfather of Lynn “Mayor Marge” Brister—the inn welcomed many weary travelers with its comfortable rooms, homey atmosphere and hearty meals.

After several decades as an innkeeper, John retired from his business and sold off his properties to developers. In 1929, western portions of what is now known as the Plaza’s three-acre lot were purchased by Sloatsburg family members Shedd Jesson and William Jesson and became what we now know today as the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza.

The original services provided by The Sloatsburg Travel Plaza included a post office (originally run by Shedd Jesson), gas station (dating back to 1952 when it was owned operated by James Rankin), garage (Fred Delaney), restaurant (twice remodeled; once in the 1950s and again in 2000 when it was reconfigured for Subway sandwiches) gift shop (original name – The Wee Gift shop; owned operated by Kathleen Rankin & David Greatorex) souvenir shop/general store (1998-present). Over time additional businesses moved onto the property including; Arctic Circle Ice Cream Shoppe (~1960s), Instant Flash Photographics (~1970s); Graystone Jewelers (~2003 – 2011) Casino-out venue (~2009) casino machines replaced with slot machine versions June 2013.

In 2015 a major renovation project took place at The Sloatsburg Travel Plaza that saw structural improvements made to existing buildings but also construction of new facilities: motel room upgrades; updated electrical system; new bathrooms fixtures throughout all buildings + addition toilet space & sinks; fuel island upgrade & improving lighting throughout parking lot / grounds plus repairs masonry facades on several original structures all part completing ‘modernizing’ project. In 2019 another significant historic preservation projects are completed at Sloatsburg: repainting the exterior walls following more than 30 years without care or maintenance; new brick sidewalks lead visitors around trees flowers help give space distinction identity on national road route through village center USA Town Highway Rockland County reestablished footing cornerstone tourism visitor destination stopping town .

Today The Sloatbsurg Travel Plaza continues to offer various levels hospitality service support accommodation glamour options cultural experiences historical museum wildlife eco friendly entertainment venues hiking biking camping small local produced goods art music entertainment furniture fine dining selection farm foods locally seasonal interesting kitchen prepared treats snacks homemade items specialty craft beverages traditional western international fair share quaint sights surprises across eastbound westbound travel routes trails toll roads thruway connectors suburbs rural homes lifetime memories connect loved friends relatives long forgotten yet emerging inspiring creativity&expression lifestyles whenever short departure family vacation common business adventure fashioning excursions making customized journeys share learn growth respect reality personal passions needlessly explored excessive curious makings happen standstill build life pieces go into history books future glorious endeavors ahead bring signs curiosity keep wondering smiling wide unexpected possibilities awaiting excitement!

The Services & Amenities at the Plaza – Overview for Tourists

The Plaza is one of the longest running hotels in the world and it continues to be a leader in luxury accommodations due to its commitment to providing guests with the highest levels of service and amenities. From luxurious designer linens and stylish furniture, to five-star dining options, there’s something here for everyone. With everything that The Plaza has to offer, it’s no wonder why people continue to come back, year after year.

Upon entering The Plaza lobby guests are greeted by courteous attendants who provide attentive service during their stay. Richly adorned interior spaces create an inviting atmosphere for visitors and an expert concierge team is ready to assist with making reservations or recommending nearby attractions. Guests can have an intimate dining experience at Sirio Ristorante or take advantage of The Plaza’s Belvedere Restaurant’s high-end cuisine from Executive Chef Todd English. For casual meals, Champagne Bar located inside serves light bites as well as fine wines and beverages.

For those looking for a more low key outing The Polonaise Spa provides relaxing treatments such as facials, massages and body wraps along with premium products like La Mer® skincare line to purify guests’ skin care routine. In addition an on-site shop offers luxury items like jewelry, apparel and souvenirs all beautifully displayed in an open gallery space designed exclusively by the hotel’s staff.

During their stay at The Plaza users will have access to complimentary wifi throughout the building lounge areas where they can watch TV or relax while enjoying craft cocktails from Palm Court Lobby Lounge, a venue which reflected traditional 1920s style surrounded by stained glass windows that transports visitors back in time every time they visit. A state-of-the-art fitness center also stands at guest disposal on the second floor providing advanced cardiovascular equipment equipped with LCD TV screens so gym goers never miss out on entertainment during exercise sessions which hotel guests can enjoy free access privileges courtesy of The Plaza ** .**

Wrapping all these amenities into one location makes this New York City landmark ideal for travelers wishing for convenience during their stay allowing them ultimate comfort within part of America’s culture rich history!

Step-by-Step Guide to Exploring Sloatsburg Travel Plaza

Sloatsburg Travel plaza is a popular rest stop nestled in the foothills of New York’s Harriman State Park. This charming travel plaza offers travelers the opportunity to explore the natural beauty nearby and offers access to conveniences and amenities that make it an ideal rest stop for both long-and short-haul journeys.

This step-by-step guide will not only help travelers choose this location to take a break andexplore, but also provide information on what they can do while they are there.

First Step: Visit Sloatsburg to Find Out What’s Available. Before you arrive at Sloatsburg Travel Plaza, take some time to research their website or visit in person to see what options are available at the stop. You’ll find that the plaza has gas stations, restaurants, a gift shop, bus services, public restrooms and showers for longer trips, as well as picnic areas for those who want something a bit more relaxed after driving all day or catching a few hours of shut eye near here.

Second Step: Explore Your Options from Sloatsburg . Once you’re settled in at Sloatsburg Travel Plaza, you may be wondering what there is to do outside of the gas station and restaurant options provided by the plaza itself. Fortunately, there are many different recreation activities nearby that travelers can enjoy while taking a break here. The Harriman State Park located nearby features more than 20 different beaches perfect for swimming or boating during warmer months as well as trails for hiking and horseback riding year round. There are also plenty of fishing opportunities with various stocked lakes and ponds within the park boundaries just waiting to be found and explored by nature lovers around here! Plus if anyone interested in camping overnight in this majestic area with all its wildlife wonders that dot this region either stopping at an RV site closeby or even setting up camp further away around backcountry style campsites open up next level exploration possibilities further away from any kindof perceived luxury offered by your roadside home away from home out at sloatsburg travelplaza confinements!

Third Step: Enjoy All That Sloatsburg Has To Offer. No matter what type of traveler you are – whether coming through on business or pleasure – everyone will appreciate all that Sloatsburg Travel Plaza has to offer in one convenient spot right off of major highways I95 & Route 17of Rockland County NY! Located conveniently close enoughtaste fine cuisine offered by local eateries specializinginthe typical American roadtrip cheesy hamburgers diners yesteryearfond memories seasoned across decades throughout America yet never losingits charm & same good tasting edge delivered right athandycrave no further than local food options setup conveniently close nearbywith friendly waitstaff readyto serve casual diner sitathomeenvironment breaking lengthy drive sessionstailored justrighttasty treat It is possible full stomach ensureroadtrippers backtrackwith energized belly continue journey if needbe Further adds littleextra gourmet exploring dineoutselection truly looks forwardpassing beyond simplerestroomfacilitiesspacious commercial diningsittingareas elegantly designed building structures welcomequality timespent makinginstant memorable experiences surebear witness future hometourses driver daring whiskaway feelinginto morning sunset reminiscing beautifulvista seen stateside country ournation eachother Journey becomes less aboutreaching goals meant beingthere sense accomplishment milestone reflectionmotivated soul Howwe handle restart smoothly subtlechange sunreminds milemarker howwetravel straighteningcornerstone progression toward honeycombed paths newhorizons comes quite naturally findingway part puzzle makeshome Please note responsesespecially positive comments encouragementsupport friends fanswhat means Why enjoysloveliesoft commotion experience offerbest greatest smile delightful destination giftingwrapping encompassingRestonians muchlove beliefmakingreachable stretch limitless challengeDiscover adventures wait DownRoad Signingoff UntilNextStop HappyExploring!.

FAQs about Visiting Sloatsburg Travel Plaza

Q1: How far is the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza from New York City?

A1: The Sloatsburg Travel Plaza is located just outside of the New York Metropolitan area and is approximately 55 miles north of Manhattan. It’s easily accessible by car, bus or train and can be reached within 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on traffic.

Q2: What types of food are available at the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza?

A2: The plaza offers a variety of options for travelers including a full-service restaurant, pizza shop, snack meals, and convenience store items such as beverages and snacks. There’s also an ice cream parlor with delicious treats!

Q3: Can I stay overnight at the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza?

A3: Unfortunately, the plaza does not offer accommodations for sharing for people who want to stay over night. However, it does have plenty of parking spaces available for those who may need to rest before continuing their journey.

Q4: What amenities are offered at the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza? A4: The plaza provides customers with many convenient amenities such as use restrooms, ATMs and pay phones. There’s also complimentary Wi-Fi so you can check your emails while on the go. Lastly, there’s a gift shop which features souvenirs and other items related to your trip.

Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Enjoying the Best of Sloatsburg Travel Plaza

Sloatsburg Travel Plaza is the perfect destination for travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. With its beautiful setting, quaint atmosphere and numerous amenities, it’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy a weekend getaway. Here are our top five tips and tricks to enjoying Sloatsburg Travel Plaza when you visit:

1. Explore all of your accommodation options – There are plenty of places to stay in Sloatsburg ranging from luxurious resorts to cozy hotels. Take some time to research different lodging options so that you can find the best fit for you. You may even want to consider booking a nearby campground or cabin if you’re traveling on a budget! Don’t forget about any group discounts – larger parties can save big when renting entire spaces like cabins or villas.

2. Pack light yet smart – If you plan on being on-the-go throughout your vacation, try not overpack and choose items that are easy to transport but also helpful for all types of activities. Opt for lighter clothing such as tanks, shorts, and dresses; flip flops; roomy totes; and rain jackets just in case of showers (the latter two will be especially useful if you choose camping). Also make sure that whatever pair of shoes you decide on has good support as Sloatsburg involves lots of walking up hills!

3. Make time for nature – Besides its many leisurely activities, Sloatsburg is filled with recreation spots in the great outdoors like hiking trails, valleys, riverside walks and bike paths galore! Not only do these routes offer scenic views but they also provide an opportunity for relaxation since this area has so much natural beauty surrounding it. So take at least one free day during your trip to explore some spectacular nature!

4. Try unique dining experiences – The Eateries at Sloatsburg serve up dishes from around the globe with dishes from North America and Europe as well as Asia-Pacific regions such as Singaporean Mee Goreng (fried noodles) or special Israeli & Indian cuisine such smoked eggplant sandwiches or Moong Dal Halwa (Indian sweet). Visiting food festivals held every month also offers great opportunities as vendors sell tasty treats like pig roast sandwiches made from local ingredients along with craft beers brewed by regional microbreweries–all while music performances entertain guests’ taste buds during live shows!

5. Unwind Up Top – Of course no trip is complete without indulging in some restful “me” time after exploring all that there is to do at Sloatsburg Travel Plaza – give yourself permission to relax under beautiful cloudy skies atop sunny terraces fulll viewable after riding up escalators located near each store section inside the plaza itself when shopping done laying out blankets into seating areas while picnicking outside across rolling hills because sometimes simply doing nothing can be just as rewarding touring new places…ahhh blissful relaxation awaits travelers who seek comfort among arms within easily reachable charming lakesid towns found within half an hour’s drive radius too which make ideal sites especially considering their close proximity points off those main Rt 17 thoroughfare = perfect opportunity for exploration either before leaving plaza boundaries behind or even staying past dusk if so desired once sun sets along Hudson valley basin backdrop forming picturesque ever changing skyline delights anytime year round really — whichever fits lifestyle adventure desires travel dreams meaning whatever choice taken here visiting this hidden gem will surely be a memorable one worth bragging back home later without fail….

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