Exploring the Beauty of Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort

Exploring the Beauty of Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort Historical Sites

Introduction to Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort: History and Features

Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort is an archeological park located in the Wansheng District of Chongqing, China. It is renowned for being one of the country’s only sites for Ordovician Jurassic-era tourism experiences. This site is a great place to explore and learn about the evolution of plant and animal life over millions of years ago, as well as the history and culture behind this ancient era.


The site was first discovered in 1976 by geologists studying fossil remains along the banks of Chang Jie River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in western China. In 1979, upon closer inspection they determined that it was from during the Ordovician age (541-485 million years ago) when life beyond just simple marine organisms began to emerge on land. From further study and exploration, it was established that petrified wood remnants up to 100 million years old were present at this location, hence leading to its proclamation as a provincial geological park in 1985 for both scientific research and eco-tourism aspirations. Since then, notable fossils such as ichthyosaurs (jawless fishes), plesiosaurs (jawed reptiles), ammonites (cephalopods), trilobites (arthropods) and stomatopodomecha (crustaceans) have been found within this area which contains many layers of rock representing different eras of prehistory times.


This special scenic spot has two distinct zones: The Prehistoric Life Zone focuses on how nature evolved across time with various interactive displays; while The Entertainment Zone consists fun outdoor activity equipment suitable both adults & children alike including slides swings mini golf etc.. Furthermore guided tours are also available while limited participation fieldwork activities allow visitors experience Paleontology first hand through searches stone gathering identification plant specimen analysis etc.; making it ideal educational or team building trip location! Additionally nearby Longgang National Park

Step-by-Step Itinerary for Exploring the Unique Beauty of the Resort

Step One: Arrive at the Resort – When you arrive at the Resort, take a few moments to appreciate its unique beauty and charm. From the perfectly manicured grounds to the stunning beach views, there is something here for everyone.

Step Two: Get Acquainted With The Area – Take some time to get familiar with the area surrounding the resort. Visit local attractions and shops nearby, or take a walk along one of the scenic trails that lace through town. Get up close and personal with nature by spending some time exploring all that northern Minnesota has to offer!

Step Three: Relax & Unwind – Now it’s time to relax and unwind in this beautiful resort setting! Book an appointment at one of our spa locations, spend an afternoon lounging poolside, or simply take in some of that fresh-air by strolling around on the resort grounds. Unplugging from everyday life can be incredibly refreshing here!

Step Four: Adventure Time – Feel like getting out into nature? Check out our onsite activities like paddle-boarding, kayaking or fishing trips available here at the Resort. Those looking for more thrill-seeking experiences can book one of our adventure packages offering mountain biking excursions as well as winter ski trips from nearby towns. The explore options are endless so get ready for fun!

Step Five: Rejuvenate & Recharge – After a long day playing in nature’s playground, come back and recharge those batteries with either a restorative massage therapy treatment or perhaps a healing session in one of our many hot tubs located throughout the property. Enjoy soaking up those peaceful vibes while watching sunsets over Lake Superior…that’s true Northern Minnesota living!

Step Six: Bask In Delicious Culinary Offerings – Taste what northern Minnesota cuisine has to offer when you visit Falconage Restaurant & Bar located right on site at The Resort! Our talented chefs bring flavors from Scandinavia together with Mid

Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting the Resort

Visiting the resort for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Whether you’re planning on staying overnight or just passing through, there are a few frequently asked questions that come up during pre-trip preparations.

Q: What services are provided at the resort?

A: The resort offers a variety of amenities including lodges and camping sites, as well as canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming pool access, restaurants, hiking trails and more. Make sure to research each service before your stay to avoid any surprises while at the resort!

Q: How do I make reservations?

A: You can book your accommodations online by visiting our website and filling out the appropriate reservation forms. Additionally, you can also call us directly to speak with a representative about booking your stay.

Q: Are there any activities for children or pets?

A: Yes! We have plenty of activities available both for children as well as pets (provided they are properly vaccinated). These activities range from exploring nature trails to playing in our swimming pools or riding kayaks around our lakes. Note that all activities associated with animals must be approved beforehand by our staff members.

Q: Is there a fee applied to visit the resort?

A: Depending on your specific itinerary and which services you wish to utilize during your stay, there may be applicable fees charged per each service used. Please note that these fees vary and it is best practice to consult our website prior to confirming any bookings or reservations.

Q: Are check-in times flexible?

A: For most cases yes! Each lodging & reservations has its own unique policy when it comes to checking-in & out of rooms. Generally speaking though you should contact us directly with regards to details pertaining check-ins & outs so we can get all the necessary information prepared in advance of your arrival.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort

1. Want to explore a unique and exciting natural environment? The Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort is the perfect place to do just that! Here, visitors can experience a stunning landscape of rolling hills, forested valleys, and winding rivers. From ancient stone formations to majestic mountains, this resort has something to offer every visitor. And with plenty of activities available throughout the day such as hiking and rafting, there will never be a dull moment! Plus, the resort also provides its guests with high-end accommodations that are perfect for relaxing after a long day hiking or rafting.

2. Are you a fan of fascinating historical sites? Then visiting the Ordovician Tourism Resort could be an excellent choice for you! Here you’ll find many interesting places like Qixing Rock—which is said to possess supernatural powers—as well as temples dedicated to Confucius and Taoism. Not only that, but the area is home to many other cultural relics from China’s long history, including ancient tombs and minor attractions that show off some of the country’s traditional architecture styles. With so much historical culture in one place, it can truly be an enriching experience for travellers!

3. Aside from its incredible natural beauty and rich history, not forgetting about Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician’s local cuisine! Visitors have the chance to sample delicious dishes made using unique recipes passed down through generations in this area; each dish bursting with flavour sure to tantalize your taste buds! In addition, you may also find yourself walking past street vendors selling mouth-watering snacks like tofu jelly noodles or marinated deep-fried chicken wings – sure to fill up anyone’s stomach!

4. The area around Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Tourism Resort is full of vibrant markets where visitors can browse through ever-changing selections of handmade goods produced by skilled artisans

Insider Tips on What to Do and Experience at The Resort

Holding a resort vacation is one of the best ways to explore and experience a new place, especially if you have time to spare. But before you go, here are some helpful tips on what to look for and do when you stay at a resort .

• Check out the Amenities: Before booking, find out what type of amenities your chosen resort has. Some resorts offer extra services such as childcare, golf courses or swimming pools. Make sure that the amenities offered will fit into your vacation plan and help maximize your enjoyment of the destination.

• Take advantage of local culture: Many resorts are located in places where there is great cultural activity and attractions nearby. When planning your stay at a resort be sure to check out the local culture by taking part in sightseeing tours, attending festivals or exploring historic sites nearby.

• Try something new: Resorts often offer various activities and classes designed to provide entertainment for their guests. From dance classes and cooking demonstrations to art lessons and adventure tours- make sure to take advantage of these free activities while you’re on vacation!

• Taste the Local Cuisine: Eating at local restaurants is always part of fun during travel. Look for restaurants within close proximity from your resort so that you can taste different local dishes without having far away from your home base!

• Relax: On top of all the exciting activities available surrounding a resort stay- don’t forget about actually relaxing during your holiday! Make time for yourself, spend a day lounging by the pool or take an evening stroll around town with no other agenda than soaking up some new experiences!

These insider tips will help get most out of your time when staying at a luxurious resort so don’t forget them! With this information on hand, nothing should stop you from having an incredible experience while exploring a new location through its luxurious accommodation options. Happy travels!

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