Exploring the Benefits of Penn Fosters Travel and Tourism Program

Exploring the Benefits of Penn Fosters Travel and Tourism Program Food Tours

Introduction to Penn Fosters Travel and Tourism Program

Penn Foster’s travel and tourism program can help you turn your love of adventure and exploration into a career. This comprehensive program provides students with the knowledge they need to become knowledgeable in the wide world of travel and tourism. From understanding how to plan airfare and book tours, to learning about hotel management, hospitality, and customer service—the Penn Foster travel and tourism program can give you the skills necessary to succeed in this competitive field.

The Penn Foster travel and tourism program is broken down into three distinct sections: Introduction to Travel & Tourism; Customer Service Training; and Management & Hotel Operations. In the introductory section, students learn all the basics of working in travel and tourism—from popular destinations around the world, to ticketing systems, industry regulations, geography, currency conversion techniques, sales techniques, online booking procedures, customer service methods and more.

In the customer service training section, learners delve deeper into providing excellent guest experience for their customers. Topics covered include understanding different types of customers (business travelers versus recreational travelers) as well as offering solutions for special requests or addressing customer complaints quickly and efficiently.

Finally in the management & hotel operations portion of this course students prepare themselves for managing people within their department or function area while realizing their full potential as a leader within their organization. Through hands-on activities designed by seasoned professionals such as financial planning tasks or creating itineraries – Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism program will equip learners with useful strategies on budgeting trips overseas or planning large group excursions that both customers and employers find valuable in today’s competitive market place.

In combination with classroom lectures this course also includes six modules focusing solely on gaining practical experience that adequately prepares an individual for entry level positions within the hospitality industry upon completion of all graduation requirements which include taking exams outlining objectives discussed throughout various lessons contained under each module title plus submitting team projects along with a written certification examination . Moreover graduates are issued an official diploma from accredited Institutions such as

Overview of the Benefits of the Program

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How Penn Fosters Travel and Tourism Program Can Help You Get Ahead in the Industry

Penn Foster’s Travel and Tourism program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful in the travel and tourism industry. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing the student’s understanding of business operations, customer service, plane tickets, reservations systems and more. With this extensive coursework, Penn Foster equips students with the ability to make well-informed decisions for providing exceptional customer service when working as advisor or tour manager in the travel industry.

The Travel and Tourism program equips graduates with invaluable skills through courses such as understanding global cultures, geography awareness,and managing customer relations. By participating in this program of study, users acquire relevant information that can help them land a position in any business venture dealing with travel or tourism related fields.

In addition to gaining valuable skillset from each course within this program of study, Penn Foster awards a Career Diploma upon graduation which assists users in demonstrating their qualifications to potential employers seeking individuals with an eye for detail and solid customer services abilities. Such traits are essential components for many positions no matter what aspect of the travel and tourism field you happen to be pursuing career wise.

Overall, Penn Foster’s Travel and Tourism Program is great way for those looking break into this exciting field while being well prepared for potential job opportunities down the road. Whether you’re already an employee of a travel agency or hotel chain looking to specialize further your education or are just starting out fresh wanting to get ahead in your studies -Penn Fosters Travel & Tourism Program should undoubtedly be considered

Step by Step Guide to Enrolling in Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism Program

The Travel & Tourism Program from Penn Foster is one of the top-rated courses for those who want to enter into a career field that involves travel and tourism. The program helps students gain the skills necessary to land jobs in the travel industry, such as those that involve researching, booking, and organizing trips. With the right certification and training, you can make your dream career in this sector come true!

Step One: Becoming A Student

Before applying to Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism Program, you need to become a student first. You can do so by registering online at www.pennfoster.edu or calling their enrollment team at 1-800-275-4410. When you register, you will be asked for personal information such as name and address which then officially makes you a Penn Foster student!

Second Step: Choosing Your Course Packages

Next up, it’s time to choose your ideal course package depending on your budget and educational needs. Every course package offered by Penn Foster comes with textbooks, unlimited access to several study aids (including videos), detailed assignments with specific instructions and sample exams so that you can master industry knowledge effectively. It also allows you 24/7 access from various virtual classroom modules – all there for your ease of convenience! To read more about each individual packages being offered by Penn Foster including their price points please visit https://www.pennfoster.edu/programs/travel-and-tourism

Third Step: Make Your Payment Option

Once you’ve gone through the program details along with other materials required for completion; it’s time to select an affordable payment plan which fits justly within your budget obligations – good news is – they offer 0% interest installment plans while secure payment through any major credit card or PayPal are always accepted! Exactly how convenient is that right?

Fourth Step: Start Your Learning Journey With Us!

Once enrolled

FAQs About Penn Fosters Travel & Tourism Program

What is Penn Foster’s Travel and Tourism Program?

Penn Foster’s Travel and Tourism Program is an online, self-paced program that enables individuals to pursue careers in the travel and tourism industry. The program helps you acquire valuable skills in planning itineraries, researching airline schedules and fares, as well as working with worldwide vendors like car rental agencies and hotel chains. Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism program also teaches skills necessary for obtaining a job such as customer service techniques, price negotiation, administrative support duties and more. Additionally, students learn about different international destinations including culture tips, landmarks of interest to tourists and more. Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a career diploma to showcase their knowledge and skills to future employers.

What are the course materials included in the Penn Foster Travel & Tourism Program?

The Penn Foster Travel & Tourism Program includes 12 online modules covering topics such as: Introduction to the Travel Industry; Planning Itinerary; Working with Clients; Understanding Time Zones; Airfare Booking; Cruise Arrangements; Automobile Rentals; Hotel Reservations; Accommodations for Special Needs Customers; Group Room Negotiations; Special Event Planning – Weddings & Reunions/Conventions/Conferences; International Destination Preparation: Cultural Tips for Tourists/Special Interest Tour Packages/Language Barriers etc.; Working With Worldwide Vendors (including B2B Ticketing); Hospitality Industry Best Practices & Customer Service Techniques.

Are there any prerequisites required before enrolling in Penn Fosters’ program?

No special prerequisites are required before enrolling in Penn Fosters’s programme! All you need is good computer skills, an email address, payment details (for course fees), internet access, dedication to complete the courses within five months of enrollment – this can be extended by another two months if needed – plus basic knowledge around travel booking habits or interests!

How long does

Top Five Facts About Penn Fosters Travel & Tourism Program

1. One of the oldest travel and tourism programs in the United States, Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism Program was founded over a century ago and is now one of the largest programs of its kind. The program focuses on providing individuals with essential skills and knowledge necessary to begin their career within the field of travel and tourism.

2. Recognized by industry leaders, Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism Program provides students with comprehensive preparation for entry-level jobs in hospitality and service roles in just three months when studying full time at their own pace. By completing the program you will gain insight into world cultures, international destinations, ticketing strategies and more – plus prepare for certification exams including TAP (Travel Agent Proficiency).

3. As a part of the travel & tourism program, students can choose electives such as Event Planning/Hospitality Management or Guesthouse/Inn Keeping that are tailored to expanding their current knowledge base while giving learners an experience that both explore common practices in modern hospitality as well as hands-on learning activities around hotel operations.

4. Offering convenient online access to learning materials and interactive course content including videos, real-world exercises and assessments- you will satisfy both your practical knowledge needs as well as expand your ability to use technology confidently in your role as a professional travel & tourism specialist.

5. Students enrolled in Penn Foster’s Travel & Tourism Program will receive personalized support from experienced faculty mentors along with job placement assistance upon successful completion of their program requirements so graduates can find employment following completion of this dynamic certificate training program!

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