Exploring the Unique Tourism Events of Southern Illinois

Exploring the Unique Tourism Events of Southern Illinois Outdoor Activities

Introduction to Southern Illinois Tourism Events

Southern Illinois is the perfect destination for travelers looking to experience all the Midwest has to offer. With its rolling hills and winding river, Southern Illinois provides a tranquil yet exciting setting for a vacation. There are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and camping. Plus, there’s also an array of excellent indoor attractions like museums, wineries and antiques shops. No matter what type of traveler you are – solo adventurer, family or couple – you’ll find something memorable in Southern Illinois.

The area is home to many events throughout the year that attract thousands of visitors from around the country each year. From music festivals to sporting events and quilt shows to foodie fairs, there’s something for everyone in Southern Illinois. One special event that takes place yearly is Rend Lake Resort’s “Big Bass Bash,” which offers anglers from all over an opportunity to compete in one of the most competitive bass fishing tournaments in the region. Other popular attractions include The Carbondale Grand Parade during Miner Days festival as well as Anna-Jonesboro’s Music & Art Festival held every September at historic Camp DuSable museum grounds which features live music as well as tours and talks about local history.

The nearby Shawnee National Forest also makes for an ideal backdrop for any number of activities with its lush forests full of wildlife and clear lakes offering boating activities including canoeing and swimming possibilities making it great for a day trip or weekend getaway . As if that weren’t enough, it’s located just minutes away from Makanda which was named one of America’s Best Small Towns by USA TODAY this past year due to its lively downtown bursting with delicious dining options – so consider adding this tiny town to your itinerary!

It’s no wonder why so many tourists flock to Southern Illinois every year! Make sure you take advantage of everything this area has to offer through attending all sorts of amazing

Exploring the Best Southern Illinois Summer Events

Summer in Southern Illinois is a season to be celebrated, so let’s explore the very best summer events that this region of the country has to offer. From art shows to music festivals, Southern Illinois is alive with entertainment during these warm summer months. Here are our top picks for an unforgettable summer experience in this charming area:

1. Shawnee Hills Wine Festival: This annual wine festival is held in Alto Pass and celebrates the many local winemakers of the region. There will be a variety of vendors that serve up food bites as you sip some of the finest wines from all around Illinois and beyond. The festival includes live music, dance performances, craft vendors, and a selection of great wines available for purchase by the bottle or glass. If you’re looking for something fun to do outdoors, this event should be right up your alley!

2. Poplar Creek Music Fest: Beethoven’s A Minor Piano Concerto or classic rock song? You decide at Poplar Creek Music Fest! This outdoor extravaganza takes place on the weekend after Labor Day and features both classical pieces performed by professional soloists as well as classic rock hits played by popular cover bands. The festival also features food trucks and a beer garden plus plenty of activities for kids like face painting, arts & crafts projects, magic shows and more!

3. Rend Lake Art Show & Craft Fair: Held over Father’s Day weekend at Rend Lake Resort located near Ina IL , this annual fine art show is filled with awe-inspiring pieces created by local artists and crafters from around Southern Illinois. In addition to browsing through numerous booths displaying pottery, photography prints, metal sculptures, handmade jewelry and home decor items there will also be tons of fun activities such as live music performances ,where visitors can learn about how each artist creates their one-of-kind works of art while also enjoying delicious food samples vendor booths while they shop.

Step by Step Guide to Planning a Southern Illinois Vacation

Planning the perfect Southern Illinois vacation doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a little bit of research and organization, you can have the getaway of your dreams. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you plan a vacation in Southern Illinois.

Step 1: Decide on Your Itinerary

The first step in planning your dream trip is to decide what areas of Southern Illinois you’d like to visit while there. Make sure you look at all possible destinations so that you can come up with an itinerary that fits the style of your trip. Do some research online and take notes on each attraction or destination that stands out beforeyou make any decisions about where to go first. This will help keep everything organized as you finalize your plans.

Step 2: Book Lodging

Once you know where in Southern Illinois you want to go, it’s time to book your accommodation for the duration of your stay. Choose from luxury hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, quaint cabins, comfortable campgrounds and more when booking your stay in this beautiful region of the country! Look into different packages designed specifically for whatever type of traveler you are; family vacations, romantic trips, outdoor adventures and more! Compare prices between different lodging options until you find a place that best suits your needs and budget.

Step 3: Research Attractions

Now it’s time to start digging deeper into all the attractions available duringyour stay southern Illinois has plentyof options! Take a look at brochures or websites dedicated giving valuable information on local hot spots someone might want check out eventwo bird watching trails nature preserve explore art museum attend performance theater venture caves caverns bike riverside trail use TripAdvisor® and other travel portals get inside scoops must-see places tourist traps avoid once ve identified activities appeal group select four five prioritize based interest level determine whether enough do justice each day shift itinerary way

Frequently Asked Questions about Southern Illinois Attractions

1. What are the most popular attractions in Southern Illinois?

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is one of the most popular attractions in southern Illinois. Located just 8 miles from St. Louis, Cahokia Mounds is the site of an ancient Mississippian City that flourished between 800 to 1400 A.D. With more than 87 earthworks – or mounds of dirt piled up – and archaeological remains from pre-European contact culture, Cahokia Mounds provides a unique educational and recreational opportunity for visitors seeking connection to native American history and artifacts. The Visitors Center offers information about this important environmental and cultural feature, as well as interactive exhibits that explain the lives of its builders over 1,000 years ago.

Another popular attraction in Southern Illinois is Garden of the Gods recreation area near Harrisburg, IL. This picturesque state park features stunning rock formations, colorful wildflowers, breathtaking views, plentiful outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and kayaking/canoeing along with a myriad of educational programs offered through their Interpretive Nature Center addressing these unique geological wonders . There is also ample camping opportunities for those seeking a uniquely adventurous outdoor experience!

2. Are there any theme parks or amusement facilities in Southern Illinois?

Yes! Rend Lake Docks & Beach on Rend Lake near Benton IL has something for everyone including beach access for swimming, fishing pier with tackle shop to purchase equipment or bait/tackle needs as needed; playground equipment; picnic areas located throughout; plus 14 lighted docks available daily from March–October during peak season providing pontoon rentals; covered seating areas; open air pavilions for parties & meetings plus rental boats featuring paddleboats alongside canoe & kayak rentals (including children’s sizes) too! It’s a great way to spend your day outdoors if you’re looking for amusement unlike any other kind found in southern Illinois!

3. Are there any historic sites I can visit

Top 5 Facts about Southern Illinois Tourist Destinations

1. The Shawnee National Forest is one of the main attraction points for tourists visiting Southern Illinois. Covering over 280,000 acres, this area of natural beauty spans across Jackson, Pope, Union, Johnson, Hardin and Alexander counties in the region. It offers a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and hunting on its many trails and bodies of water.

2. Another popular tourist destination in Southern Illinois is Rend Lake. Situated near Benton and Whittington in Jefferson County, the lake covers an area of 18500 acres across five different cities – Mt Vernon, Centralia, Waltonville, Woodlawn and Sesser. Visitors to the lake can enjoy swimming and boating activities on its serene waters or spend time bird watching enthralled by its singing birds and butterflies from native species like great blue herons and monarchs that add color to scenic view along its shores.

3. Located in Perry County is Cedarhurst Mansion at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts which was once home to industrialist Charles Renfro Smith in 1915 during Victorian era America representing his passion for artistry with various sculptures surrounding building grounds plus interior filled with period furniture making it a must see attraction for those interested in classical architecture right out of turn-of-the-century country life style while touring Southern Illinois countryside regions alongside extensive nature trips through wildlife forests nearby.

4. Garden Of The Gods Wilderness located in Saline County offers some epic views like rock formations created by seismic shifts million years ago stretching up to sky creating star gazing platforms ideal for amateur astronomers yet also plenty enough hiking opportunities around abundance wilderness within campsites available for overnight visits both rugged terrain throughout offering boundless backpacking experiences without ever seeing civilization’s establishment anywhere nearby inside scenery perfect getaway spot anyone wanting break from hustle bustle everyday routine looking towards connect nature outside nowadays hectic lifestyle; this prime territory becomes #1 go location long lasting memories memorable journey everlasting

Wrapping Up the Best Southern Illinois Tourism Events

Whether it be a trip to the Shawnee National Forest or attending an exciting event in Southern Illinois, there is plenty of fun to be had. From outdoor activities and jazz festivals to racecar tracks and zoos; there are countless options for vacationers, residents, and those just looking for something different from the typical routine.

For those who want to experience top-notch festivals and attractions, Southern Illinois has you covered. Nestled in the heartland of Illinois sits Murphysboro Apple Festival – one of the state’s premier annual events. Starting off with a parade on Main Street, visitors can then enjoy scrumptious food, live music acts, carnival rides, craftsmen displaying their unique artwork alongside other themed activities throughout the weekend-long celebration. Additionally, you can find over seven miles of winding trails around Pyramid State Recreational Area – perfect for hikers enjoying some nature or even ATV enthusiasts appreciating its wooded terrain. If that isn’t enough; America’s largest white pine tree stands tall near Rend Lake – another popular attraction in Southern Illinois tourists might indulge in.

The Hidden Springs Flea Market & Horse Arena proves popular as well—here folks have access to antiques from all sorts of vendors along with horse shows by members of surrounding communities including spring teams that feature miniature horses which really capture everyone’s attention! Exhibits year round at Goodman Museum also ensure guests never run out of quality entertainment; plus you can make your visit extra special when you take part in a guided tour through Giant City State Park. Homeowners will also benefit from numerous shops like Barnes & Noble and Walmart scattered around Carbondale where they can pick up any new items needed too! Lastly if interested at stopping by races during any season? Don’t worry as Flora Raceway serves thrilling enthusiasm every week with need racing going on most Sunday afternoons amid cheers!

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