Exploring West Virginias Tourism Regions – A Guide to Discovering the Mountain States Natural Beauty.

Exploring West Virginias Tourism Regions – A Guide to Discovering the Mountain States Natural Beauty. Outdoor Activities

Introduction to West Virginias Northern Panhandle: Tourism Opportunities, Benefits and Drawbacks

Introduction to West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle

The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia is an area defined by natural beauty and history. Stretching from the Ohio River up to Pennsylvania, this pocket of the Mountain State offers a variety of attractions and experiences for visitors. From museums and grand old hotels to unique outdoor activities, it’s an excellent destination for tourists looking to explore its environs.

Tourism Opportunities

The Northern Panhandle has plenty to offer travelers, with many attractions that make it a desirable destination for both families and singles. Hikers, bikers, and fishermen will find plenty of routes and opportunities here; nature lovers in particular can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views in the state at various spots along the Ohio River. For those interested in more tame activities, take time to explore some of the historical monuments – Wheeling is especially known for its Civil War-era buildings and sites. Additionally, music fans may be pleased to know about the many festivals held throughout each summer season; these include several bluegrass festivals as well as other musical events unique to the region. And lastly let’s not forget shopping – downtown Wheeling boasts a wide range of stores carrying items ranging from regional souvenirs to classic antiques that can brighten up any home!


Visiting West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle brings incomparable benefits: namely ease of access from larger metropolitan areas in surrounding states like Pittsburgh and Columbus makes it easy for travelers looking for a weekend getaway or day trip experience. Moreover being in such close proximity with Ohio means visitors can treat themselves out to some delicious cuts at one of Pittsburgh’s championship steak houses! What might be even better however are all the deals available on lodging – requiring little effort (except caution) when booking your next hotel stay you could end up staying centrally located near historic districts while saving big bucks if you choose wisely! In addition not only is

How to Choose the Best Tourist Attractions in the Region

When it comes to choosing the best tourist attractions in a region, it’s important to consider both quality and quantity. While one attraction may stand out from the rest, there are sure to be other gems hidden within the region. The trick is to look beyond popular sights and discover those off-the-beaten path places that will give you an enhanced local experience. Here are some tips for how to choose the best tourist attractions in any given region:

1. Research local lore – Part of visiting a new place is getting in touch with the unique stories that remain embedded within its culture and history. When researching attractions, look for activities and landmarks that have held special significance to locals over time. From monuments or museums dedicated to famous locals, to delicious foods rooted in tradition – these can add flavor and substance of your travels.

2. Scope out special events – Across many regions you’ll find festivals, exhibits and celebrations that draw large crowds multiple times a year. Don’t hesitate to get caught up in these moments as they offer great insight into local practices, customs and people — something no guidebook or article can provide on its own!

3. Hit up trendsetters – It’s no secret that certain cities have global reputations when it comes being ahead of the curve in events, fashion trends or artistic expression — particularly if you look at tech hubs like London or San Francisco (just to name a few). Doing some preliminary research on what kind of social atmosphere exists within each city can help you pick which attractions match your style best – after all every good traveler knows: “You must go where everyone else goes!”

4. Crowdsource highlights – Ask your friends from around world who have visited the same places so you know their honest opinion about different tourist spots in a region before visiting them yourself — this way you won’t miss out on any hidden gems! From tapas bars tucked away down alleyways all the

Step-by-Step Guide of Exploring West Virginias Northern Panhandle

West Virginia’s northern panhandle is a prime destination for travelers looking for a unique adventure. This region of the state is home to some of its most interesting and beautiful natural wonders, making it well worth exploring. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just getting into the spirit of nature and culture, there’s something special waiting in the Northern Panhandle. To help you make the most of your time in this little corner of West Virginia, here is a step-by-step guide to exploring West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle:

Step 1 – Get Acquainted with Local Culture: The easiest way to do this is by spending some time around downtown Wheeling. Here, you’ll find museums, restaurants and shops that will give you a glimpse into what life on the riverfront has been like since colonial times. While enjoying these sights and sounds, try some classic Hoosier dishes like pierogis, Cornish pasties or fried green beans at one of Wheeling’s many eateries – if only for the cultural experience!

Step 2 – Visit an Amish Settlement: Located around Beaver County near Great House Creek State Park (which we’ll get to later) are several small Amish settlements where you can see firsthand how these communities have interacted with those surrounding them over time. Stop in at one and explore their general stores, cash crop gardens and even pick up some piping hot apple fritters from Burtonsville Bakery nearby!

Step 3 – Explore One Of The Parks In The Area: There are plenty of beautiful parks in West Virginia’s northern panhandle but none quite as breathtaking as Great House Creek State Park which encompasses more than 562 acres across Marion County including parts of both Pennsylvania and Ohio! Visitors can take advantage of its miles-long trails through dense forests or spend their days fishing at either Niagara Lake or Bowser Lake within walking distance from each other– don’t forget your bait!

Step 4 –

Frequently Asked Questions About West Virginias Northern Panhandle

The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia is an area with a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. With its rolling hills, quaint towns, scenic river valleys, outdoor recreation opportunities and rich history, it’s no wonder why so many love this part of the state. But along with all that beauty and charm also comes plenty of questions! To help you out, we have collected some of the most frequent questions asked about West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle.

Q1: What are some popular attractions in the area?

A1: The Northern Panhandle offers plenty of attractions for people to explore. Some popular locations include Oglebay Resort and Conference Center located near Wheeling; an old-fashioned mountain amusement park called Adventureland located in Bruceton Mills; an interactive history museum full of artifacts from the region at Prickett’s Fort State Park near Fairmont; Caddell’s Rapids Nature Trails located in Hundred; several golf courses including one at Woodsdale Golf Course near Wellsburg; plus much more!

Q2: What activities can be enjoyed here?

A2: The Northern Panhandle features a variety of activities perfect for both groups and individuals alike! Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy kayaking or canoeing on the rivers, biking along trails such as C&O Canal Trail or North Bend Rail Trail, visiting local parks like Yellow Creek State Park orOhio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, fishing at Preston County’s many stocked lakes, hiking up nearby mountains including Big Bear Knob Mountain and Wolf Rock Overlook Trailhead located in Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park. Indoor activities also abound with escape rooms around Morgantown and Wheeling offering unique gaming experiences for fun ‘mental getaways’.

Q3: Is there good shopping in the area?

A3: There are various places throughout the region where shoppers can find just what they need! In addition to national retail stores like

Top 5 Facts About West Virginias Northern Panhandle

1. The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia is one of the most picturesque and rural parts of the state—and yet it has a history of rich industry and development that dates back to well before the Civil War. This region was extremely prosperous during the late 19th century, when coal mining became a major economic driver for the area. Later on, manufacturing prospered in the area due to its close proximity to Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Today, West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle is still known as an industrial hub with plenty of employment opportunities in steel production, health care services, and other fields.

2. For lovers of outdoor recreation, West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle offers a plethora of natural attractions with beautiful rolling hills, scenic landscapes, and plentiful wildlife—not to mention some truly unique experiences like horseback riding or zip lining through its state parks. Whether you’re looking for hikes, biking trails, camping spots or riverside activities like swimming and kayaking; there are ample options available in these parts that are sure to delight nature-lovers!

3. Home to several cities including Wheeling and Weirton, the Northern Panhandle also provides urban amenities such as entertainment venues (especially live music!), various cultural offerings (like local festivals) as well as shopping destinations ranging from antique stores to outlet malls. With a host of museums showcasing artifacts related to art history or local industry—there’s sure something stimulating for everyone here!

4. Did you know? The original name used by settlers for this region was Kleinhansellepeck—a German term meaning ‘small village on the creek’ which actually refers to Fish Creek near present day Wellsburg! It wasn’t until 1816 that it got renamed “The Northern District” by decision made at a meeting hosted by then Governor Thomas Worthington; later taking up its well-known appellation: The Northern Panhandle!

5. Last

Summary of What to Expect From Visiting West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle

The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia is home to many unique attractions that make it a great destination for travelers looking to experience the wild, fun, and history-rich atmosphere of the Mountain State. Whether you’re looking for nature-filled activities or cultural experiences, you’ll find something special here to enjoy.

Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the endless countryside and lush, green hills stretching from all directions.Venture outdoors and explore some of the state’s largest regional parks including Tomlinson Run State Park and Wheeling Heritage Trail. There are plenty of hiking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, fishing spots and serene streams that can be enjoyed throughout your stay. Additionally, the vast network of rivers allows visitors to embark on a variety of water adventures like white water rafting and kayaking trips!

West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle also boasts over a dozen historic sites and attractions to admire. Visit Fort Henry Historic Site where guests can take guided tours through Civil War encampments and get an up close look at authentic military installations from the times gone by. Additionally immerse yourself in days gone as you attend Festivals such as Oglebay Institute Winter Festival in Wheeling or meet friendly locals as you sample classic dishes like pepperoni rolls during Weirton Greek Food Festival at Joe’s Riverside Diner & Pizzeria! For more history lesson don’t forget about The Ohio Valley Railroad Museum and Justice Joseph Alston House which offer fascinating insight into early locomotive design and life in the late 19th century respectively.

If it’s shopping your after then there has never been a better time to visit West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle; From quaint antique shops located along Wheeling avenue , specialty monogram stores downtown Weirton to boutique stores scattered across Wellsburg – you’ll no doubt find unique treasures amidst these locations! And let’s not forget other amazing services such as spas , salons , film venues or even classical concerts that frequent various venues nearby

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