Exploring Westover West Virginia: A Guide to Local Tourism

Exploring Westover West Virginia: A Guide to Local Tourism Historical Sites

Introduction to Westover, West Virginia: History, Culture & Attractions

Westover, West Virginia is a small town located off the scenic Northbanks of the Potomac River. It is a peaceful hamlet with streets lined with century old homes and trees. Founded in 1768, it was originally part of Pennsylvania before being incorporated as an independent town in 1928.

Despite its small size, Westover has many activities and attractions that make visitors’ stays both entertaining and memorable. Rich in history, it is home to several historical sites, such as The Taylor House—a stately Federal-style clapboard house which dates back to 1815—and various monuments paying homage to the American Revolution soldiers who passed through the area. In addition, there are several sites and monuments marking other more modern historic events, such as the Civil War burial grounds near Red Creek Road.

In terms of culture and attractions, Westover offers a variety of events for locals and visitors alike throughout the year—including festivals celebrating local culture like Strawberry Day or Wildflower Weekends—as well as amusement parks and outdoor recreation spots like Cherry Hill Park or Red Run Park . Those looking for more “adult” fun can enjoy golf courses like Old Dominion Golf Complex — where they can tee up while enjoying breathtaking views of open water; or visit nearby Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park to take educational tours through its 19th-century village or gain historical perspective on one of America’s pivotal moments during John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859.

Regardless if one has come for history or family entertainment; Westover makes up for what it lacks in size with an abundance of activities sure to please all ages! Come experience small-town life at its best—and don’t forget your camera!

Step-by-Step Guide to Exploring Westover, West Virginia

Westover, West Virginia is a small town situated in the Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia. This charming hamlet has been a popular destination for travelers over the years because of its natural beauty and interesting history. Whether you are looking to explore the outdoors, experience local culture, or take in some great sights, Westover offers something for everyone!

If you’re curious about exploring Westover yourself, here’s an easy step-by-step guide that will help you make the most out of your trip:

1. Choose your accommodations: The first step when visiting any new place is to decide where you are going to stay. In Westover there are a variety of lodging options from hotels and motels to bed & breakfasts and private cabins. Find one that fits your budget, personal preferences, and interests!

2. Learn more about the area’s attractions: As soon as you’ve figured out where you’ll be staying, it’s time to learn more about all the fun things Westover has to offer! Make sure to read up on local historical sites like Kemper House Museum or Bimbo Mountain State Park as well as outdoor activities such as paddleboarding or fishing nearby rivers and creeks.

3. Visit a nearby farmers market: While strolling down Main Street in downtown, don’t forget to check out the local farmers market! Open on Saturdays from May-October (depending on the weather) it’s full of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms as well as homemade gifts like baked goods or jewelry crafted by regional artisans. Buy some souvenirs for yourself or friends back home!

4. Taste local daytrip destinations’ eats: For lunch or dinner make sure to check out what other towns near Westover have to offer – many places have small cafes worth stopping at during your travels into neighboring counties. Enjoy regional cuisine whether it be dishes inspired by Appalachian history (think sad cakes!) or

FAQs About Visiting Westover, West Virginia

Q: What is Westover, West Virginia?

A: Westover, West Virginia is a small town located in Monongalia County. It has a population of around 1,200 people and was founded in 1857 as a coal mining community. It is most known for its scenic views of the Allegheny Mountains and nearby Cheat River and for its vibrant local culture that includes festivals and art galleries.

Q: What kinds of activities can visitors do while visiting Westover?

A: There are plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting Westover, including exploring the outdoors! The area boasts numerous parks with trails, camping sites, and unique geological formations. River rafting on the Cheat River is another popular activity during warmer months or visitors can enjoy boating on nearby Monongahela Lake during cooler weather. There are also several museums and galleries to visit in town as well as distinct dining experiences throughout the area.

Q: Is there public transportation available in Westover?

A: Unfortunately, no public transportation services are available in Westover at this time. However, many bike paths stretch throughout the town for easy access to the greater attractions within an easy ride’s distance from downtown. Additionally, taxis may be available upon request through local companies or restaurants if necessary.

Q: Are there any lodging options available near Westover?

A: Yes! Nearby hotels offer great low cost lodging for those traveling for extended periods of times or just passing through town briefly . Visitors can also choose from bed & breakfast services located inside Westover proper as well as cabin rentals off various locations along the river banks just outside of town limits.

Top 5 Must-See Attractions in Westover, West Virginia

Westover, West Virginia is a picturesque small town located in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s rich history and vibrant local culture make it a great destination for tourists looking to get away from their hectic lives and explore something different. The following is a list of the Top 5 must-see attractions in Westover:

1. Homeplace of Buffalo Creek: Tourists can go back in time at this historic site, which includes buildings that were built as far back as 1790. Visitors can explore the farmhouse, barns, and other outbuildings while being surrounded by stunning views of the countryside and nearby mountains.

2. Doddridge County Public Library: This wonderful library has been open since 1895 and offers visitors access to over 20,000 books that span all genres, ranging from fiction to nonfiction titles. The library also has collections dedicated to subjects such as local history, genealogy and more. While there, visitors can take a break from reading and take advantage of free Wi-Fi internet access or relax on the outdoor patio area.

3. Aikens Mountain Memorial Park: This recreational park features over five miles of trails for hikers and bicyclists alike; some trails even offer vistas of White Sulphur Springs seven miles away! There are also picnic tables available for visitors who would like to enjoy lunch during their visit. There’s plenty of natural beauty here too – be sure not to miss the cascading waterfall down one side of the mountain!

4. Valley Bend Skate park & Trails: You don’t have to be an expert skater to enjoy this unique experience – there are ramps available for all skill levels! The boardwalk winds through a wooded area with benches overlooking scenic views along the way. After your skateboarding session (or if you’re just up for some sightseeing), you can check out one of many mural art pieces located within walking distance around downtown Valley Bend area.

5 River

Where to Stay While Exploring Westover, West Virginia

Westover, West Virginia is a pictuesque small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. It offers stunning natural surroundings and quaint city centers perfect for exploring and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, all of this exploration requires some good ol’ lodging to rest your head at night. Here are some great places to stay while discovering all that Westover has to offer:

Best Western Plus New River: Located overlooking the beautiful New River Gorge, Best Western Plus New Riverside offers top of the line amenities like an outdoor pool with cabanas, a hot tub, a fully-equipped fitness center and complimentary breakfast for you to enjoy. The property also boasts views of both mountains and riverside scenery as well as access to amazing hiking trails nearby.

Logan’s Inn: An incredibly modern hotel that has been newly renovated from predecessor Logan’s Motor Lodge; this lodge specializes in combining rural charm and upscale elegance perfectly with flat screen TVs in each room and deluxe bedding materials designed specifically with comfort in mind.

The Wooden Fish B&B: If you’re looking for something cozier (and cheaper), then look no further than The Wooden Fish B & B which is located right on Main Street near all the necessary storeslike CVS or Walgreens so your medications are never out of reach. With comfortable beds, an outdoor living area, complimentary breakfast every morning prepared by their amazing staff – it packs quite a wallop of home away from home comforts without breaking the bank!

Oceans Blue Beach House Resort: Looking for something more beachy? Then look no further than Oceans Blue Beach House Resort! This luxurious seaside escape features two floors with private balconies overlooking Blacksville Lake where you can take part in swimming, boating or fishing activities right outside your window! The resort also offers kayak rentals if needed as well as barbecues available so you can grill up some food during the summer

Planning the Perfect Trip to Explore Westover,West Virginia

Westover, West Virginia is a great destination for those looking to explore the beautiful Appalachian region. With rolling hills, towering mountains and deep valleys, there are plenty of opportunities to get lost in the natural beauty of this area. Whether you’re looking for an active adventure exploring all that nature has to offer or a relaxing getaway, Westover is an excellent choice. When planning your trip, here are five tips that will help ensure your visit runs seamlessly:

1. Choose the right lodging location: The first step in planning any trip is deciding where you’ll stay while you explore Westover. The town itself hosts several hotels, inns, and cabins so there’s something for everyone here! Be sure to carefully review photos and descriptions online before making your booking; some properties may be more suited to either a luxurious or rustic vacation experience depending on what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. Additionally, considering traveling with family or friends and saving money by renting out cabins which often include multiple bedrooms and bathrooms rather than staying at an individual hotel room.

2. Set aside time to hike: Much of the beauty of Westover comes from its vast expanses of unspoiled wilderness – don’t miss out on this opportunity! There are numerous marked and unmarked trails around the town as well as nearby state parks including Coopers Rock State Forest which offer hikes ranging from easy paths through bubbling creeks up to challenging rock scrambles atop steep cliffsides. Before getting started on any trails make sure to check local regulations about permits if necessary – come prepared so nothing can slow down your exploration fun!

3. Try out some local activities: Heading into downtown Westover provides plenty of options for those looking for some outdoor recreation without leaving town limits! Whether it be kayaking down rivers or horseback riding through meadows everyone in your party can easily find their fill adventure near the main city center. In particular

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