Howard County TourismExploring the Wonders of Howard County: A Guide to Touring the Local Area

Howard County TourismExploring the Wonders of Howard County: A Guide to Touring the Local Area Outdoor Activities

Introduction to Howard County Tourism: Highlights & Overview

Howard County’s tourism is known for its unique blend of history, culture, art, and recreation. Located just north of Baltimore in the center of the state, Howard County is home to a diverse population that includes a bustling business community, universities, historic attractions, and family-friendly activities. Whether you’re looking to explore local diners or hunting for antiques at local shops and boutiques; take in Maryland wine country or go fishing off one of our popular marinas; experience a day at the races or visit our awesome farmers market; Howard County has something to offer visitors of all ages and interests.

In addition to tourist destinations within the county such as Ellicott City’s charming downtown district and the B&O Railroad Museum—designated a National Historic Landmark by Congress– Howard County offers an abundance of outdoor attractions for nature enthusiasts. From pastoral hikes on local trails with sweeping views of vineyards and great blue herons in The Patapsco Valley State Park to Summer fun at Lake Elkhorn; from rugged adventures on rock climbing walls traversing Little Patuxent River gorge section in Centennial Park, there’s plenty for every explorer and thrill-seeker alike.

And don’t miss out on great local events like HoCo Taco Fest –the county’s largest street food festival–or take part in seasonal activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating after dark! Not only do these exceptional attractions draw thousands of visitors each year but they also provide an opportunity to indulge your senses while experiencing a unique slice of America nestled between Washington D.C., Baltimore City and Annapolis.

Madison Farmer’s Market marks another popular destination spot where you can walk through hundreds upon hundreds of booths featuring locally produced products ranging from fresh farm produce to jellies & jams sold under colorful tents/coupes every Sunday morning (weather permitting). The Farmers Market offers friendly regional vendors with all kinds biodynamic foods

Exploring the Best Tourist Attractions in Howard County Maryland

Howard County, Maryland, is home to some of the best tourist attractions in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Located along the Patapsco River, and lying just west of Baltimore City and south of Carroll County, visitors will find a wide array of exciting and educational places to explore from state parks, historic sites, wineries & breweries, museums and more!

For outdoor lovers or history buffs, you can’t beat taking a stroll through the Centennial Park located in downtown Ellicott City. This historic park hosts active events such as outdoor concerts during the summer months at its picturesque lakefront pavilion or enjoy one of its many outdoor activities including hiking trails with beautiful views throughout Patapsco Valley’s woodlands. In addition to scenic river overlooks and easy access to great restaurants, you’ll also take in amazing art displays on your walk around this classic forty-acre park in the heart of Ellicott City.

If you prefer exploring indoor sites then be sure to visit The Howard County Historical Society Museum which provides a great opportunity for tourists (and locals) to learn about the past through interactive exhibits as well as special events that include bus tours and lectures by regional historians. For a bit of fun and cultures there is Columbia Lakefront Boardwalk Festival at The Turf Valley Marriott Hotel & Resort which offers a myriad of activities featuring artisans selling handcrafted gifts for purchase or sample treats from food trucks was partaking in carnival games like ‘Duck Race’ or ‘Ring Toss’. You can even goboat-ing down at nearby Rocky Gorge Reservoir marina on select weekends – truly something for everyone!

End your day trip with some beautifully crafted beer from Ellicott Mills Brewing Company or wine from Boordy Vineyard; both are popular spots among locals who host events throughout year so whether it’s escaping into nature for day hikes or trying some local brews after an unforgettable museum

Traveling is a great way to explore the world and experience new cultures. Many people dream of visiting popular destinations and attractions, but may not know how to go about it. This guide will help you plan an unforgettable trip by providing step-by-step advice on how to visit the most popular destinations and attractions.

Step 1: Research Your Destination

The first step in planning any trip is researching your destination. Whether you’re headed to an exotic locale or a historic city, familiarizing yourself with the culture and locations will help ensure a successful visit. Make sure to read up on important local laws, customs and currency exchange rates so that you stay compliant with the local government and don’t lose money from unpredictable fluctuations in foreign exchanges.

Step 2: Book Accommodations

Once you’ve done your research, the next step is booking accommodation. Look for hotels, hostels or Airbnb rentals in areas close to attractions since they are likely more convenient and offer clear guidelines on what’s included in your rental price – like bedding, parking space, Wi-Fi etcetera. When looking at properties online remember to check out user reviews so that you get honest feedback as well as photos of the rooms before you book them!

Step 3: Arrange Transportation

The next step is arranging transportation so that you can get around easily while visiting popular attractions. If your destination offers public transportation like buses or trains make sure to purchase tickets ahead of time so it’ll be easier for you when you arrive at the station; this tip also helps save money since fares generally increase closer to departure date! Additionally look into renting car or bike services for intercity commuting which often have cheaper daily rates than taxi companies do.

Step 4: Check For Deals And Discounts

Travels are always expensive these days but luckily there are some great deals available at different destinations; make sure to check online travel sites like Expedia or Travelocity before booking flights/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Howard County Tourism

1. What is the primary purpose of Howard County Tourism?

The primary purpose of Howard County Tourism is to promote and attract a variety of visitors to explore the range of options for tourism, recreation, shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural experiences throughout Howard County, Maryland. As one of the fastest growing counties in Maryland, with many distinct municipalities and neighborhoods, each offering rich attractions such as historic sites, museums, performing arts venues and community events that attract visitors from all over the world. We strive to provide tourists with information about our county’s history and culture as well as guidance regarding where to go for shopping and dining or where to find local lodging. Our goal is for everyone who visits Howard County to have a wonderful experience that will leave them wanting more!

2. Are there any special incentives offered by Howard County Tourism?

Yes! We are constantly developing new programs to help attract visitors from near and far. From exciting seasonal promotions like “VisitHoward” which offers discounts on lodging accommodations along with coupons for restaurants eateries in downtown Ellicott City – we are always looking for ways to make visiting better! Tourists can also take advantage of our printable visitor guide brochure which showcases all there is to see and do in our area with detailed descriptions of attractions as well as insider secrets about transportation options. In addition to these useful resources we also offer free online travel tips designed specifically for visitors coming from out-of-town or overseas.

3. What types of attractions exist within Howard County?

There truly something for everyone here in Howard County – rich landscapes provide the ideal setting for outdoor recreation enthusiasts looking enjoy nature’s bounty while beautifully preserved buildings offer up an array of interesting stories ripe with intrigue if you seek it out! Tourist destinations like The Columbia Mall provide ample shopping opportunities no matter what your budget is while entertainment venues like Merriweather Post Pavilion host concerts featuring top acts from around the globe throughout every month of year Whether

Top 5 Facts about Howard County Tourism You Should Know

1. Howard County is located in the heart of Maryland, just outside of its capital city – Baltimore. It is a thriving suburban county with a bustling economy and plenty of sightseeing attractions. Home to Ellicott City – the oldest incorporated city in Maryland – and other historical landmarks, it provides visitors with an unrivaled selection of activities to explore.

2. In recent years, Howard County has blossomed into one of the most visited counties in the US. According to figures from 2018, roughly 2 million people have come to experience its many charms in that year alone! Visitors marvel at the rich history on display in historic towns such as Columbia; charming outdoor areas including Patapsco Valley State Park; or even outdoor adventures courtesy of Elkridge Farm Park.

3. The local hospitality industry is recognized throughout the region as being both friendly and obliging while making sure visitors feel right at home during their stay. From hot air balloon rides over beautiful landscapes to museums like Living Classrooms offering interactive learning experiences, tourists will find everything they need within arm’s reach!

4. As much as tourism is growing in Howard County, so are those looking to reside here permanently: between 2017-2018 more than 4,000 newcomers moved into this bustling county! With all their amenities and opportunities there’s no excuse not to join them: discover why this part of Maryland stands out for property seekers around the US every single time!

5. Despite only comprising less than ten percent of total area within Maryland’s borders, Howard County generates 25% (!) of taxes paid by all counties contained therein – meaning it is a massive contributor when it comes keeping up appearances state-wide! So don’t be swayed by present company from smaller municipalities – visiting or settling down in Ellicott City or Columbia makes perfect sense for anyone looking for an investment opportunity that pays off handsomely!

Conclusion: Maximizing Your Enjoyment of Howard County’s Tourist Attractions

Howard County’s charming attractions and vibrant culture make it an ideal destination for families and individuals looking to broaden their horizons with a weekend getaway. With so much to see and do, you can maximize your enjoyment of Howard County’s tourist attractions by planning ahead, keeping your budget in mind, and making the most of what this region has to offer.

Start your planning with knowledge: doing a bit of research on the many things that Howard County has to offer will help you brainstorm ideas of activities that best suit your interests. By familiarizing yourself with which attractions are available as well as their opening hours and admission prices, you are sure to determine which locations best fit within your budget, time frame, and preferences. In addition to researching top sights in the area such as Ellicottville Historic District or the Antique Market Mall, consider taking a look at Howard County government websites like to identify unique hidden gems that may not be overly publicized but are worth exploring while in town.

Once you have decided which attractions you want to visit during your trip, prioritize each activity according to how long it takes; this approach is especially helpful when there is limited time for touring the area. Try coordinating visits with mealtime breaks so you don’t overschedule yourself (or become too hangry) throughout the day – dining options range from casual eateries like The Growlin’ Gator Grill & Saloon all the way up to upscale restaurants such as Dorsey Station Craft House & Kitchen – whichever fits your taste buds best!. If possible fit in some alone time off-the-beaten path or adding other local activities into your itinerary like historic walks or guided tours if they are available and schedule permitting!

The bottom line: To optimize your enjoyment of Howard County’s rich history and endless beauty, do a bit of research ahead of time about what spots fall within both you budget and interest range; plan accordingly by organizing activities

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